10/10 Olympia, WA, @ TCTV w/ Tony Molina, Blank Boys, Dirty 
Joe and the Brickwalls 

10/11 Seattle, WA @ Black Lodge w/ Tony Molina, Negative Press, Thee Samedi 

10/12 Vancouver, B.C. @ Jabbas Palace w/ Nu Sensea 

10/14 Portland, OR

10/15 Arcata, CA @ Ink Annex w/ Comatose, Jenk OD

10/16 San Jose, CA

10/17 Oakland, CA @ Good Bellies w/ Needles, Permanent Ruin, 
Ritual Control

10/18 San Francisco, CA @ Ouija Club w/ Methsores, Provos, Meat Heads

10/19 Los Angeles, CA @East 7th w/ Blazing Eye, Stoic Violence, Tozcos, Dogsbody

10/20 Los Angeles, CA @ TBA w/ Nasa Space Universe, Behavior, Abortion Reels, Meat Heads

10/21 Las Vegas, NV

10/22 Phoenix, AZ @ Wallstreet w/ Dead Waste, Gay Kiss, Humiliation, Maximum Roach

10/23 Albuquerque, NM

10/24 Oklahoma City, OK @ Industrial Skatepark w/ American Hate, Anti Patterns, Community Patterns

10/25 Denton, TX @ Taqueria Pedritos w/ Modern Pain, Sin Motivo, Mean and Ugly, Common Ignorance

10/26 Austin, TX @ Back Yard Skate Jam w/ Recide, Glue, Blotter, Breakout, Pinkos

10/27 Austin, TX @ Hotel Vegas w/ Rudimentatry Peni, Sex Pistols, No Hope For the Kids

10/28 Houston, TX @ Mangos w/ Back to Back, Curb Biters

10/29 New Orleans, LA

10/30 Gainsville, FL

10/31 Atlanta, GA @ TBA w/ GG King, Mercenary, Rapturous Grief, GHB

11/1 Birmingham, AB @ The Forge w/ Pissbath, Deism, Moral Authority

11/2 Raliegh, NC

11/3 Charlotte, NC @ Area 15 w/ Joint D, Holder’s Scar, Mental Abuse

11/4 Richmond, VA @ The Green Room w/ Cretins, Nightstalker

11/5 Washington D.C. @ The Dougout w/ Misled Youth, Protester, Pure Disgust 

11/6 Philadelphia, PA @scoopys w/ perfume river +1tba

11/7 New Brunswick, NJ @ Ray Cappos Cantina w/ Ugly Parts, Brain Slug, Razorheads 

11/8 New York, NY @ Fitness w/ Shoxx (last show), Goosebumps, Pleasure Industry, Ivy

11/9 Boston, MA @ The Boiler Room w/ Flaccid, 2x4, White Line Fever

11/10 Western Mass

11/11 Quebec City, QC 

11/12 Montreal, QC @ The Concrete Cage w/ Smile 

11/13 Ottawa, ON

11/16 Toronto, ON @ Hard Luck w/ Iron Age, Boston Strangler, The Repos, Weekend Nachos, Concrete Asylum, Wrong Generation

11/18 Buffalo, NY @ Garys Glitterbox w/ Tied Down, Fleshy Mounds, Sperm

11/19 Pittsburgh, PA @ gooskis w/Druglust

11/20 Columbus, OH @ TBA w/ Drug Probem

11/21 Indianapolis, IN

11/22 Chicago, IL @ Rancho Huevos w/ Krang, Distract, Tensions, Need

11/23 Chicago, IL @ Moustrap w/ Gas Rag, Culo, Rash

11/24 Madison, WI @ The Vault w/ Tenement, Mellow Harsher

11/25 Minneapolis, MN @ House of the Lard w/ Zero

11/26 Omaha, NE @ The West Wing w/ Pisswalker

11/27 Kansas City, MO @TBA w/ Condition, Nuke Cult, Shapeshifter, No Master

11/29 Denver, CO @TBA w, Condition

11/30 Salt Lake City, UT

12/1 Boise, ID @Lake Destiny w raid, and ID
12/2 Spokane, WA

12/3 Olympia w/ Dream Decay

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