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Truly blessed to have gone on tour with the lowest form. Great guys, great band, supreme weirdos. Euro tour in the works! #idontcareiloveit #chrissreggaeproject #horny #cyan68 #pimpconventiontour


white wards seattle, wa

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White Wards (Oly) The Lowest Form (UK) DFMK (TJ) 09/12/14

In Oakland tonight

In Fullerton tonight

GAG at the Nuthole

We giggin tonight in LA

Early show in SF tonight


Tonight in Portland


9/9 - White Wards, The Lowest Form, Godstomper and Deathgrave @ San Jose Rock Shop In San Jose, California; 6 PM; $5

Event Page:

9/10 - White Wards, The Lowest Form, Flesh World @ The Knockout In San Francisco, California; 5:30 PM; $8; 21+

9/11 - White Wards, The Lowest Form, Doses, Recidivist, Forged and Mortal Bodies @ Almost Holden Collective In Santa Monica, California; 8 PM; $8; ALL AGES

Event Page:

9/12 - White Wards, The Lowest Form, Abortion Reels @ Programme Skate Shop In Fullerton, California; 7:30pm

9/13 - White Wards, The Lowest Form, The Light, Pig DNA and Interior 27 @ The Church Of The Buzzard In Oakland, California; 7:30 PM; $7

Event Page:

Starts tonight

Title: No Cops Artist: Gag 2,787 plays


"No Cops" - Gag

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excited to announce ✌️😋

is this real?

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Gag Discography Collection (Incomplete)

  • This Punk Shit Is Cool And All LP
  • 1990-1995 CS
  • Live On KBOO CS
  • Live On WFMU CS
  • Gag Reel: Live At East 7th 10/19/13 VHS
  • V/A Paranoid Anxieties VHS (Warm Milk)
  • Locker Room 7”
  • 40 Oz Rule ‘90 7”
  • Ski Mask ‘95 7”
  • Gas Mask ‘95 Flexi

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